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Mario and the Battle of Belmore vs Sam Burgess picks out SBW

It was a crazy but memorable time for Mario Fenech when he went absolutely ballistic at the Battle of Belmore, doing whatever it took to pick up the win! That moment goes up against one of the best charges you will ever see! The hype was all on SBW that day and Sam Burgess took it upon himself to shut all the talk down! Which moment takes your pick?!

The Battle of Belmore - Mario Goes Ballistic (1986)

Top Moments - The Battle of Belmore

On a freezing July Monday night the 1986 'Battle of Belmore' was one of the most vicious matches the Rabbitohs had ever played against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

After suffering defeat to the reigning Premiers earlier that year, the return fixture at Belmore Sports Ground between a high-flying South Sydney side and the Bulldogs spilled over into a spiteful contest filled with brawling, sin-binning and arguments.

Refereed this time by a young Bill Harrigan, fireworks erupted on the field, which led to Mario Fenech and Canterbury prop Paul Dunn being sent to the sin bin.

While in the sin bin Fenech was itching to get back on, so he could get square with hooker Billy Johnstone, who had earlier shaped up with him during a scuffle with Dunn.

After Fenech came back on, he punched Johnstone in the scrum and was sent back to the sin bin. Probably the most iconic moment of the match however was when Coach George Piggins, replaced Fenech after showing noticeable signs of an ankle injury to which Mario was filthy; screaming "Where's George?!" as he hobbled off.

South Sydney boss, Terry Parker accompanied Fenech to the dressing room to calm him down but he was desperate to get back on the field to finish off a great win. Fenech knew that at the time he was replaced, the Rabbitohs were on top of the Bulldogs.

Fenech later confessed he was not proud of what happened saying that he was a victim of his own enthusiasm and desire to win. Regardless, this passion to win and 'sticking up for your mate' mentality saw Fenech's heart was always in the right place.

Sam Burgess runs over Sonny Bill Williams (2013)

Top Moments - Sam Runs Over the Top of SBW

The biggest move of the 2013 pre-season was no doubt the Roosters star-signing of Sonny Bill Williams.

SBW is a global talking point in just about all areas of sport - His athletic ability, countless achievements, meticulous preparation and also the fact that his last game in the NRL left a sour taste in most fan’s mouths. All eyes were on him and he had a point to prove.

Now for most players coming up against him, given these circumstances it would be a very daunting task; but in typical Sam Burgess fashion he took it upon himself to go looking for the contest.

We all know Sam leads with his actions, so after fielding a line-drop out, Burgess made a bee line for SBW. He wasn’t going to run anywhere else but straight at the new recruit.

He didn’t just run straight at him, Burgess ran over him.

Now, while the play only generated a quick play-the-ball (with SBW still hanging around Burgess’ ankles), it was the fact that it was round one against the old foes, it was a battle of the enforcers and it’s those moments that lift an entire playing group.