Burns bringing awareness to Bowel Cancer

While a number of the NRL squad went away for a mini holiday throughout the bye week, centre Braidon Burns was putting community first, helping out in far west NSW at Wellington’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Day.

At the Wellington Cowboys’ Round 9 match against the Parkes Spacemen at Kennard Park, Burns alongside Broncos player Kotoni Staggs helped to bring the community together and raise funds for a local who was affected by bowel cancer. 

“My aunty got in contact and asked if I could come out,” Burns explained.

“The event was for Justin Toomey-White. He was the head coach of the Wellington Cowboys, who was tragically diagnosed with bowel cancer last year at 26. 

“He’s going through a bit of a tough time at the moment with chemotherapy so the Wellington Cowboys organised an awareness day for him.”

Having been involved in a number of charitable events, particularly with Souths Cares, Burns says he is more than happy to return home to his local community and give back, as looks to have a future in the police force after football.

“I like to go there as much as I can to help out with that kind of stuff,” he said.

“It’s something that is really close to the community so I went there with Kotoni (Staggs) to help raise awareness. 

“Before we went down we recorded a couple of videos for the Wellington Cowboys to get on their website, and a percentage of that money that was donated at the gates went to Bowel Cancer Australia.

“There’s a few Rabbitohs supporters out there so it’s always great to see them, and it’s good because I get to see my family but I go because I can help with the community where I can. 

“The stuff they’re doing out there is pretty big with the footy Club, so it’s great to see them promote activities for the people out there to do.”