Spreading the Rabbitoh love

The South Sydney Rabbitohs fan base stretches far and wide to nearly all corners of the globe.

However, the Club can only reach so far but luckily for the mighty Rabbitohs, we have fans like Trevor Wittwer who spreads the red and green love right around the world.

Living 1600km away in Adelaide, South Australia, Trevor is one of the Club's most passionate supporters.

Due to his work and location, getting to games throughout the season is a bit of a challenge, however, Trevor hasn't let that get in the way of him supporting the Club.

With a whopping collection of Club merchandise, Trevor spends his time handing out his spare gear to anyone he meets.

"It's not beyond me to give something away and spread the word of the Club," Trevor said.

"It's a real buzz, I get more fun out of giving it away than buying it myself."

Whether at work or travelling the World, Trevor has handed out Rabbitohs merchandise to a number of different people he has met.

Whilst giving away prize possessions may be a tough ask for some, Trevor says the feeling he gets from spreading the Rabbitohs brand is one of the best.

"There is a guy at work I got him a scarf and just stuck it in his locker without him knowing about it and he was stoked when he found it," Trevor beamed.

"I've also got some friends in Italy who we visited last year, I took over some Rabbitohs beanies for them and they were stoked.

"Then I was in Dallas Texas and there was a guy who was the conductor on an Amtrak train, and he said to me, 'what's that hat?' and I said 'the Rabbitohs NRL, you know Russell Crowe?'

"He was like 'yes I know Russell Crowe! I am going to have to get myself one of those,' and I said 'well guess what you can have this one' and he was absolutely rapped!

"It's all about promoting the Club and all the money that supports the team, it's a good feeling."

Trevor's charitable work for the Club won't be slowing down anytime soon, however, ordering a casual 27 times over the last 12 months.

For Trevor, passing on some of his premium collection is just his way to get involved and invested in the Club that he can't see live every week.

"Obviously with my shift work and living 1600kms away I can't get to games much but when I watch them run out (the players) you know some of your money is paying for those players to be there," Trevor explained.

"The money you pay gets repaid a thousand times over by the passion and enjoyment you get from seeing the players you help support running out on to the field."

With the 2019 season already fast approaching, Trevor will most likely be stocking up on the newest red and green apparel, either for himself or to those yet to get on board the mighty South Sydney.


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