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Former Rabbitohs Captain Sean Garlick is six weeks into the My BodyScience program and give his review of the first half of the program and how its changed his body.

Sean is the CEO of Garlo’s Pies and is taking part in the simple 12-week My BodyScience program.

The My BodyScience program is for any person, from any walk of life looking to start a fresh. The program is FREE and includes everything you need to get going on your BodyScience journey.

BodyScience health experts have built activities and customised food plans, as well as provided opportunities to engage with their health experts online.

Garlo isn’t a straight up beginner, but he definitely faces the diet and exercise challenges in everyday life.

The My BodyScience program helps address those challenges including; overcoming excuses, common myths, nutrition and healthy guidelines and training for beginners.

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