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Welcoming his third daughter, Billie Clark, with partner Lauren in late November and experiencing the 'mix-up' of new ideas and faces around Redfern, Jason Clark says it's been an exciting preseason.

Fresh methods have been mixed into Maguire's preseason training through new coaching staff David Furner, Anthony Seibold, Paul Devlin and Jarrod Wade. New players have added to the team dynamic at the Simply Energy High Performance Center.

"It's been quite exciting," said Clark.

"It's a bit of a mix-up this year for us with staff and players. The new staff are bringing in their way of training so it's been a good change up for us."

Balancing football and family life, Clark jokes about the parallels of teamwork on the pitch and off it.

"I'm very lucky that my wife lets me have a little bit of a sleep when I need it for training - We've got good teamwork," smiles Clark.

"I've got two older girls so I'm quite in the rhythm of it - It's going good."