Did you guess Adam Reynolds for the most recent instalment of ‘This is Me’? Congratulations if you did!

Congratulations Glenn Nicholas on guessing correctly!

This competition began on Friday 9 October and features a new Rabbitohs player profile each Friday up until the end of November. The first correct answer drawn from each week will go in the draw to win a signed 2015 Rabbitohs jersey.

Here are last week’s clues. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Rabbitohs.com.au for this week’s instalment for your chance to win!

Nickname: Reyno, Ren, Rendiggiti
DOB: 10-07-1990
Favourite Superhero: Ironman
Favourite Colour: Red
If you were an animal what would you be.? Dog
Do you have any pets:
Dog, Cavoodle
Favourite movie as a kid?: Ninja Turtles
Favourite hobby as a kid: Play sport