Top Metre Gainers

In the final match of the regular season, it is perhaps unsurprising that fullback Greg Inglis finished off the season-proper where he started it – by topping the metres gained category. Closely behind him in the front row, was metre-gaining power-house George Burgess, whose 167 metres and 35 tackles saw the Englishman confirmed as one of the hardest workers on the field last Thursday night.

Greg Inglis -234

George Burgess – 167

Dylan Walker – 131

Kirisome Auva’a – 110

Sam Burgess – 103


Top Tacklers

Despite heading up the tunnel for a short period, Kyle Turner topped the Rabbitohs’ tackle-count with 39 to his name, closely followed by big George (35), Sam Burgess (32) and Issac Luke (31).

 Kyle Turner – 39

George Burgess – 35

Sam Burgess – 32

Issac Luke – 31


Top Tackle Breaks

Kirisome Auva’a – 8

Greg Inglis – 5

Alex Johnston – 4

Dylan Walker – 4


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