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Question: Why did members seating increase in price of $10 from the 2013 season. It was also asked if the board would guarantee that pricing would not increase for members.

Response: Club responded saying that the club had not received many complaints about the cost of seating and that membership pricing was reviewed annually as standard practice.
Action: Will be reviewing membership prices for the 2015 season in the coming months


Question: Why the club doesn’t have an associated with a Leagues Club and will that change?
Response: The leagues club model is fast fading as club are relying too heavily on funding from the clubs so that when there is no longer a connection the football club is not sustainable. He noted there was a lack of patronage at Souths on Chalmers and this was the reason for it closing.


Question: Why does the club communicate to members mostly by email?
Response: Digital communication is used primarily due to the quickness of it and the large number of members that the club has. Important information is sent via direct mail, specifically renewal of season seating and single seat availability. The large cost associated with sending all communication via direct mail and the resourcing associated with this is very high.
Action: Club posts highly important information to members that do not have email. Also we are looking into what we can send out on a regular basis for the remainder of the season.



Question: Why can’t I purchase the seat next to me when it is available at all games?
Response: Approximately half of the clubs seated members (55%) attend our home games. Many members purchase a seat to support the club and to use for their occasion use. The club is working on a seat re-sale process to give members the chance to purchase seats within their section on a game by game basis.
Action: We are in the final stages of setting up the member seat re-sale process which will allow members to purchase other members seats game by game.