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Congratulations to our second South Sydney Social Fan of the Week Greg Harrison (@GHarrison1985)!

Greg is an extremely active member of the ever growing online Rabbitohs community and a new Member this year. Read a little more about Greg below.

How long have you been a Rabbitohs fan and how did you become one?

I am a recent Rabbitohs Member, this is my 1st year following the team whole heartedly. I guess you could say I was born a fan though, as my Grandfather, father, uncles, cousins and Brother are all extremely devoted fans. I became the fan I am today due to my younger brother Tim, he was the person who originally got me to go to games and opened my eyes to all the Glory Of South Sydney.

Which are your favourite Rabbitohs players?

I Love all our boys, and although its hard to pick my favourite players, I would have to say the one and only Greg Inglis has to be my all-time favourite, His speed and ability, leave me talking for days after every time I see him play. He is an inspiration to people all over Australia, and of all walks of life. And if he happens to be out of a game due to playing Rep sides, then I tend to cheer on Sam Burgess. The bloke is built like a Tank and just as hard to stop.

Whats your game day routine?

I usually wake up early and have my jersey, hat, socks and jacket all out ready to go, and usually am ready by 10am. From there My dad picks me up from my place in Newcastle and we drive to Morisset to my brothers. From there a small army of us travel down to ANZ, or wherever our boys are playing that week to witness them in their Glory. Its now a weekly family tradition you may say.

Whats the best thing about South Sydney Social and Twitter and Facebook in general?

I find it to be the ability to get connected to other supporters around Australia, my list of followers is slowly growing everyday due to South Sydney Social. Not to mention getting the privilege of being named Fan of the week..

What do you think of the Rabbitohs performances so far this season?

So far this season I cant complain with the overall performance of the team. We are sitting on top of the ladder, and hopefully we keep consistent and hold our position right through to round 26. Although we have the odd game where they could be stronger and tougher, overall I think the players are working hard to give the fans and themselves the experience of being the ultimate Premiership contenders.


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South Sydney Social is our digital cheer squad built by Sports Geek, where fans that are vocal about the Rabbitohs on social media get ranked and rewarded for supporting their team.

South Sydney Social awards points for your support for the Rabbitohs on social media. Simply follow the hints to increase your points and see how you rank against your Rabbitohs mates.

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So make sure you are following the Rabbitohs on Facebook

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