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Three games, three wins, just behind the 2013 premiers on the table and the big test coming up this weekend.

We are in a wonderful position but beating the 'Dogs will prove our worth.

The team that broke our hearts last year, who were inadvertently responsible for taking down our halfback in our biggest game since our return.

We should be hungry for this win.

We have shown we can score tries, we can switch on a play and shock even the best defenders but is our defence up to the Bulldogs' attack?

A 44-32 win over Penrith is a footy game fans enjoy to watch. Lots of tries, fast players scoring in engaging ways but those 32 points scare me.

Here is my theory.

Our Roosters win showed what our form is really going to be like. Domination and confidence.

Our win over the Sharks was a long turnaround. Thursday to Monday-week has to mess with preparation.

Then from a long turnaround to a shorter one on an extremely hot day.

We have not settled into the season as well as some teams have been able to. Its not an excuse because we are at the top of the table. Its a reason that we have not smashed our opposition in the last two rounds.

I believe that this short turnaround against the 'Dogs will be a little different.

Alarm bells are ringing with Barbas back and with us letting in so many tries last week, defence will be the key to winning this game.

We know we can score, so if we keep them out, we will have little trouble staying up there with Melbourne.

I wont lie, if we beat the Bulldogs with Barba in the team I will be very excited at what is to come this year.

Melbourne are the pinnacle, and we play them in just over two weeks so this is the week we need to oil all our squeaks, dust off the webs and kick some butt.

Digging deep for my real feelings on this game feels positive. I really think we are the dominating force in this match up.

Sutton has grown in stature in the league this season, Reynolds is not showing any second year syndrome negatives.

Imagine beating the 'Dogs this week, the Warriors next and going into the Melbourne match both unbeaten.

That will be a highlight, and if we jump that hurdle the NRL will see us as definite contenders for the title.

Do you want to be a part of that Members?

South Sydney true contenders for the 2013 premiership?

How did you feel last year when we came so so close to the big game?

This year we can do it and this game is a major step towards that goal.

Good Friday, ANZ, up against the Bulldogs.

They always pull a crowd for this match, so we want to out-number them, out-colour them and out-sing them for the whole 80 minutes.

Let's help Merritt score yet another hat trick, let's help push Sam Burgess up the field, help Inglis palm off his defenders and help the Mighty Red and Green stay up the top of the premiership ladder.

We win this game then 2013 is ours to take. All I can say is BRING IT ON!

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!