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Rabbitohs Video and Digital Media Co-ordinator Patrick Brady has had to head to the broom closet to record this week's Dream Team Tips video so he didn't get caught by the boss!

Pat has some great tips on how to increase the value of your team as the competition starts to heat up.

To watch the NRL Dream Team tips for this week, press play on the video player above.

It's not too late to join in on NRL Dream Team for this season!

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Once logged in, simply confirm your invitation and you'll be automatically added. Private Groups are a separate feature to the five head-to head leagues of 16, in which you may continue to participate as usual.

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On successful registration, you'll automatically be added to this Group. Simply look for the "GROUP" tab in the nav of your League's page.

NRL Dream Team is addictive and no doubt you'll have to update your team at the last minute some weeks, when you're either at your desk at work or in the library at school, so make sure YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT!