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Its so close you can touch it. Kick off 2013.

The game of the round is the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs vs the Roosters.

I am quietly confident that not only can we shut down SBW-OMG and the rest of his pack, but I am also confident that 2013 will see our boys dig that little bit deeper and go further than the electric 2012 season.

Professionalism has hit a high in our camp and our players are fitter than ever.

We have so much to look forward to and build on over the next eight months that if you are not jumping out of your skin to see what is around the corner then you are mad.

Unfortunately this season I will not be able to make it to as many games as I have in previous years, but the reason is absolutely worth it.

Adding to the 22000-plus Members, we have seen our newest addition Grace Mae arrive as part of the Rabbitohs family.

So a different perspective will take place this year for me.

Screaming at the TV while changing nappies on away games, by the time she says her first word she will know all about the bunny over the heart.

The TV commercials for round one are using Sonny Bill as the big draw card for this game, but I am dumbfounded as to how all of this attention has come about.

We are fielding a strong pack too. It appears the battle is being made out to be one man versus a legion of talent.

Of course we know that is not the case. There will be 17 Roosters players up against in round one, and SBW is just one of them.

We must be one of the teams other teams fear this year.

Photos of Greg Inglis have shown that he can take on an army and come out on top.

We have added Teo and Lima who have big game and big club experience.

Super Sam Burgess is back to his fittest, and has brought his third brother who will be pushing for a top spot which means depth is our golden ticket this year.

Big Roy is on board again, and our bench from last year including Clark, McQueen, Tyrrell and Lowe will be fighting for their places.

It is a talent feast that any team would crave...but were the team that has it!

Thats enough of the big fellas...take a look at our try scorers.

Merritt, Everingham, King, Farrell, Inglis, Hunt and...the massive return of Beau Champion.

Seven men who know how to find the try line, and even more importantly know how to hold others from crossing their line and only five spots to fill.

They are all capable being at the top of the try scorers list at seasons end, so I am very keen to see which one will take the title.

Excited yet?

What about our halves? A season to gel, a taste of the finals and two men who wear their Red and Green hearts on their sleeves.

Sutton and Reynolds. With Reynolds continuously growing into the mould of a brilliant half, Sutton will be able to relax into his role and provide those pin point kicks he is capable of to see our backs test the opposition.

I wont name every player, but Im so excited about this team I feel every players' talents should be touched upon.

But I will name the man Michael Crocker.

Our captain, the man who is showing the way in the professionalism in our team. He never has a bad word to say about Souths, his display in the media has created a lead up that tells the NRL that we are the team, the business, the family, that is South Sydney are here and are a force to be reckoned with.

The best thing about this man is he isnt just talk. He leads by example too and the rest of the team is following these footsteps.

We are a powerhouse now, and still on the up.

So, to the clash that is Thursday night. It wont be easy, the Roosters do have a strong team.

I hope to see us with the stamina of the Storm, but the flare of the Dogs. Grind them down and then trample their try line.

We win this game, we propel our year into the best start possible, and at the business end those two points will help us find those finals just a little bit easier and less nerve racking.

From this Member's perspective, domination is the target and the Roosters are going down.

Every one of our games this year lasts for 80 minutes, we have learnt this lesson after being on both ends of that issue.

I am sure Maguire will not accept any less.

With the depth he has, he can be hard with the boys. Its a lovely place to be as a Coach, and I would hope Maguire is as quietly confident as I am of a successful season.

Imagine The Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs 2013 Premiers!

It has a delightful sound to me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Remember those words because in my opinion it is absolutely possible this year.

We have the most Members, the greatest team and all the drive in the world to take the title.

So, again I ask...Members and fans get on board. This is going to be the ride of a life time. We have been awakening for a while and the time is now.

I know I dont need to ask the fans to get on their feet and lose their voice because its natural to be loud for our team...but I do ask you not to blink because you dont want to miss a minute of this season. The best we have seen in a long time, the most focused and the most driven.

2013 could be the year of the Rabbit...strap yourselves in, its going to be a BIG ride.

Let's do our bit to help bring the trophy home.

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!