Injury Report

Brydens Lawyers Injury Report

 Player Injury  Return  Comments
Braidon Burns Hamstring, Ankle 2 weeks/month “He got caught awkwardly in the tackle, and had a couple of things going on. The first thing was his hamstring that he strained, on first look it looks significant but at this stage we’ll look at it taking him out for a fortnight to a month. The secondary thing to that was he had some pain on the outside of his foot. He’s had an x-ray which has cleared him of any significant break, he’ll get an MRI on that to clear significant damage, but we expect him to miss some time and will be in rehab for the next month."
Cody Walker Shoulder TBC "He jarred his shoulder and finished the game and he’ll have scans to clear any significant damage and we expect him to miss training early in the week. Depending on how he progresses we’ll be looking to get him into some contact work later in the week in order to play on the weekend."
Greg Inglis Shoulder TBC “He couldn’t train comfortably this week, he’s been able to get into a lot of running work and a good opportunity to top at that. He’s a bit of a 50/50 and we don’t know if he’ll be right to play, but he’s certainly right to train. He’ll go on those progressions on Wednesday but at this stage, we’re hoping he gets up."
Connor Tracey Shoulder Ready to return "Connor has been out since round one with a shoulder injury, but he will be right to return this weekend through the Canterbury Cup." 
Dean Hawkins Ankle Ready to return "Dean has been out since the Charity Shield with an ankle injury, but he will be right to return this weekend through the Canterbury Cup."
Adam Doueihi ACL TBC "He's been doing some dynamic work with the gymnastics and high-end agility. He's been training really hard and looking to get a long-term break sometime soon, but we anticipate in the next fortnite, he'll be ready to train with the team and start his return to football program."  
Kurt Dillon Achilles Round 5 "He'll train with the team this week in his first week of training, and we'd like him to string a couple of weeks of training before getting him ready to play. He'll hopefully be available in Round 5."