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Rabbitohs Wellbeing Program

After extensive consultation with our primary school stakeholders, Souths Cares launched a new health and wellbeing program in 2017 called the Rabbitohs Wellbeing Program. The program involves interactive workshops delivered by Souths Cares staff and ambassadors which are aligned with the National Curriculum for students in grades 3-6.


Participating schools have the option to choose from a number of workshops, depending on their unique health and wellbeing priority areas. Topic areas include:

  1. Tackle Bullying- Provides students with the knowledge and skills to address bullying in their schools.  
  2. Cyber Bullying- Helps students stay safe when using the internet and social media, as well as providing practical tools to respond to online bullying.
  3. Get Moving- Emphasizes the importance of physical activity and practical ways students can increase their daily exercise, whilst also promoting inclusion, respect and teamwork.
  4. Healthy Relationships- Teaches students about how to develop healthy and respectful relationships with their peers.  
  5. Oral Health – Teaches students three key principles for oral health; Eat well, drink well and brush well.
  6. Gratitude – Promoting kindness, appreciation and empathy.  


In 2018, 35 individual primary schools and over 8,500 students completed the Rabbitohs Wellbeing Program. In 2019, we are track reach over 10,000 primary school students in the Rabbitohs Wellbeing Program.

To find out more about the Rabbitohs Wellbeing Program, please contact Alex Mecham, Health and Education Lead at Souths Cares -