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Toby Rudolf

Toby Rudolf
  • Date of Birth: 29-01-1996
  • Height: 189cm
  • Weight: 103kg
  • Position: Prop, Second Row
  • Rep. Honours: NA
  • Junior Clubs: South Eastern Seagulls
  • Instagram: tobyrudolf

Toby Rudolf made the switch from Rugby Union to League and the Rabbitohs mid-way through the 2015 season. Will be looking to make an impact in the forwards.

Nickname: Tobes

Birthplace: Sydney, NSW

Hobbies: Playing guiter, playing squash, paddleboarding

Under 20s Games:

18 (18 for the Rabbitohs)

What are your goals in rugby league?

To debut for South Sydney and be the best player I can be

What’s your earliest football memory?

Scoring my first try and getting a digimon set after the game

You are now at SSFC, why do you want to represent SSFC and what are your goals?

I would be representing my junior club and my family. My goal is to debut and eventually win a grand final

If I wasn’t playing rugby league for a living, I would be

Labouring and studying

Favourite sportsperson?

Conor McGregor

What’s the best advice you’ve received from someone?

You either win or you learn and if you learn you do not lose

Where is one place in the world you want to visit?


What is your biggest claim to fame?

DJ Tigerlily used to be in the car when I got a lift to primary school

What is your coffee order?

No coffee, English breakfast tea with honey and milk

Biggest influence on your career?

My family

Favourite superhero?

Power Rangers