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Bailey Shiach-Wise

Bailey Shiach-Wise
  • Date of Birth: 20-06-1997
  • Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Position: Wing
  • Rep. Honours: NSW CCC
  • Junior Clubs: Wyong Roos
  • Instagram: @bigbadbails

A speedy winger from Manly, Bailey Shiach-Wise also brings size to the Red and Green flank standing at 190cm tall. After a successful 2016 season, Bailey will be looking to continue to thrive under new Coach, Ryan Carr.

Under 20s Games:

26 (15 for the Rabbitohs)

Under 20s Tries:

5 (5 for the Rabbitohs)

Under 20s Goals:

2 (0 for the Rabbitohs)

Under 20s Points:

24 (20 for the Rabbitohs)

Community activities: Surf Life Saving- Lakes Beach.


Current study or employment: Landscaping at Green Options.


Past education (school, university, TAFE, trade, etc.): HSC at Mackillop Catholic College.


What are your goals in Rugby League? To play in the NRL and play for NSW and Australia.


What’s your earliest football memory? Playing mod footy at Wyong.


What is the best moment in your Rugby League career so far? Playing under 20’s at Manly.


What moment changed your Rugby League career? Gaining a contract with Manly and Souths.


What advice do you have for junior Rugby League players? Set goals, work hard and never give up.


Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I used to always wear red undies.


What do you like to do outside of football: Wakeboarding and going to the beach.


What is the best advice you’ve received from someone? Back yourself and never give up.


If you were down to your last $10, what would you spend it on? Something to eat.


What is your worst habit? Farting.


What was your first job? Working at McDonalds.


What is your favourite book? Holes.


What is your favourite movie? Lone Survivor.


What is your favourite movie quote? “Go home…Are you too good for your home?”- Happy Gilmore.


What’s the most embarrassing song or album in your collection? What do you mean- Justin Bieber.


Who is your favourite band? Blink 182.


Which TV show can you not miss each week? The Block.


What was your favourite TV show growing up? The Simpsons.


If a restaurant or café named a meal or sandwich after you, what would be in it? The Snail Burger.


Where is your ideal holiday destination? Europe.


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Brazil.


What could you not live without? Oxygen.


If you could invite three people to your house for a BBQ, who would they be and why? Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough and Beyoncé.


If I wasn’t playing Rugby League for a living, I would be... An osteopath.


Where do you want to be in 10 years-time? Playing in the NRL and having completed a university degree.


Who is your celebrity crush? Sophie Monk.


Who is your celebrity look-alike? Ben Affleck.


Do you have a signature move? Not at this point in time.


What's on your bucket list? - Barbara Vaughn – Member # 38394: Travel the world- go to Antarctica, China and Europe.


Who is the most inspirational player or person on your career and how have they positively affected your football? – Kortlee M. – Member # 2351: My parents. They provide me with great advice and encouragement.


What is your greatest achievement outside of Rugby League? - Steve W. – Member # 28030: Completing the HSC.


Of all the past South Sydney Players, who are the top three you would have liked to have played with? - Drew S. # 36922: Greg Inglis, Isaac Luke and Adam Reynolds.


What transforms a group of athletes into a strong united team? - Bill K. – Member # 27210: Hard work, overcoming challenges and bonding.


Who is your favourite South Sydney player of all time? - Carl H. – Member # 3002: Greg Inglis.


What does it mean to you to wear the red and green of South Sydney? - John G. – Member # 29026: Pride and mateship.


Who were your favourite players when you were a kid? – Nik J. – Member # 1914: Andrew Johns.


What would winning Souths’ 22nd Premiership mean to you? - Philip C. – Member # 14140: Reward for the hard work and dedication.


What is the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on a football field? – Scott - Member # 5475: Watching someone play the ball the wrong way.


At the end of your football career, what would you like to be remembered for as a Rabbitohs player? - Anthony D. - Member # 12410: Tough, skilled and loyal.